Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bullets cast?

No.  All bullets are manufactured through multiple high precision drawing and swaging operations.  Currently all bullets are lead core, copper jacketed with an open tip and rebated boattail.  The process is as follows:

  • Component Manufacture:
    • We start with the copper jackets and lead cores.  Jackets are drawn to the required length, then annealed and cleaned.  Lead cores are made in a precision swaging process using pure lead, then degreased.  Both jackets and lead cores are visually inspected and weighed on precision scales accurate to 0.02 grains (0.0013 grams) to ensure they meet established criteria, and are then placed in bins for future bullet manufacturing.
  • Bullet Manufacture:
    • Bullets are manufactured using multiple precision swaging dies.  Every tenth bullet is checked per die to ensure consistency with established standards.  Upon completion, bullets are degreased and cleaned, then run through quality assurance.  Every bullet's diameter is checked with a vernier micrometer (±.0001" tolerance), final weight verified (±0.2 gr tolerance), and visually inspected.  Bullets are then sorted by base to ogive measurements in 0.0005" increments (Max allowed variance of .002") and counted out into 100 count bags for packaging.
    • Every reusable steel container has a card inside that is initialed for weight, diameter, and visual appearance quality control, as well as the base to ogive length variance for that container.

What is the step on the bullet right before the boattail?

The step is part of the rebated boattail design, developed originally by Lapua.  It combines the range benefits of the boattail tapered profile with the improved seal and gas dispersion of a flat base rifle bullet.  When exiting the barrel the step in the tail profile helps redirect muzzle gas out in a ring, instead of allowing gas to flow around the bullet as with a traditional boattail.  This helps improve grouping by 10%-15% at longer ranges, based on the shooter's skill.

Okay, so why don't all manufacturers use the rebated boattail?

A rebated boattail requires additional tooling, which adds time to the manufacturing process.  Most large manufacturers are unwilling to slow the production rate to add a shoulder when the average shooter does not shoot far enough to benefit from the addition.  Kraken Ballistics makes bullets for shooters interested in precision at 400 yards and beyond; shooters who can benefit from the addition.

When will you have .223/6.5/other caliber?

We are expanding the available .308 bullet weights, and will be adding 6.5mm in three available weights in ideally no more than five months, depending on sales.  Additional bullet lines are still TBD.

Do you offer a military/Law Enforcement/veteran discount?

Yes!  Paperwork requirements to get a Mil/LEO/Veteran discount may be found at the top of the Contact page.

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