Okay, yes, I said I would have regular blog updates. I am not good at maintaining a blog, it turns out. So, moving on before I guilt spiral...

Kraken is retooling! The shop has been almost completely shut down for the past month, and is expected to be out of commission for another 2-3 weeks outside of shipping existing inventory. Why? We have a significant amount of new equipment coming in, along with some exciting changes.

Foremost: Bullet jackets will be manufactured in house! While the jacket supplier we were using makes absolutely outstanding jackets, moving jacket manufacture into the Kraken shop lets the manufacturing team apply their military-grade OCD to every possible component.

In addition, we will be adding new, ultra low drag secant nose profiles to both the .308 and .264 caliber lines! The existing tangent 8 ogive profiles will be maintained for the moment, but there is the possibility that they may be phased out in the near future in favor of the higher performance secant profile.

Finally, testing continues on the .308 168 grain hollow point expander bullets. More news on those as testing continues!