One hundred lead core, copper jacketed 175 grain bullets, packaged in a reusable steel tin. 


  • Shallower ogive to reduce air drag, but will still feed in external magazines when loaded. 
  • Rebated boat tail improves the seal (similar to a flat base bullet) as the bullet travels down the barrel, and redirects muzzle gas outwards as the bullet exits to improve grouping at longer range.

 To purchase bullets you must be of age in your state and be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Product only available within the United States. Read the Shipping Policy on the checkout page to ensure you are aware of any restrictions on shipments.


Ogive 8
Weight 175 gr ±0.2 gr
Diameter .308" ±0.0001"
Length 0.002" variance (base to ogive)
G1 BC 0.507 @2500 fps
G7 BC 0.258 @2500 fps









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